Computer Lab.

Keeping in mind the immense importance of I.T infrastructure, I.T.S is committed to provide state of art technology in the form of I.T.S computer center. The computing facilities are fully equipped with IT infrastructure comprising of 7 computer labs, supported by highly qualified IT faculty team to cater to the academic needs of the budding professionals aspiring for careers in IT industry. I.T.S has more than 500 Pentium-IV, dual-core and core-2-duo processor based systems networked through Windows 2003 Server, SCO Unix 5.0, Red Hat Enterprise Server Edition. Computer center has latest software including Visual studio Dot Net 2005, Java,Turbo C++, Oracle 10G, SPSS, PROWESS, Power Builder 6.0 and Sybase-II etc. The nine Computer Labs and the faculty rooms have been interconnected through structured cabling providing round the clock intranet as well as internet connectivity to all the students and the faculty members from morning eight till evening eight, all seven days a week. The computer labs at I.T.S are a constant hub of activities, providing a conducive learning environment. The trained technical staff is available to help out the students to apply the theoretical concepts, which they learn in the classrooms.


For getting the right passion pass through, the institution houses a fully air-conditioned lecture hall with a sitting capacity of more than 80 Students. Every lecture hall is equipped with Interactive Board, LCD Projector and Wi-Fi connectivity .The institute has its own medical officer to take care of the student’s immediate health needs. The clinic runs various health programmes at regular intervals. The activities include:

♥ Regular Medical check ups of students and staff members.
♥ Organizing Pathology camps, Vaccination camps, Dental checkup and Blood donation camps.
♥ In addition
♥ Medical help can be arranged from , whenever necessary.
♥ In emergency, hospitalization facility is available just across the street.